Since the Country was put on Co-V watch, I haven’t been out only one or two times. My life has been pretty much the same; home, work, ride my Trike or walk the bike trail. All in all, not much has changed for me.

Until Today. I had to go to a city located 45 minutes away, not a big, deal, right? I was so upset by the time I finished my errands that I could hardly wait to get home. My husband kept telling me to calm down, but I was upset!

You see, I don’t watch the news or even google the news, so everything I hear is word of mouth from friends or customers. It so happens that most of these folks in my life are like me. Little TV, and not much care about the main stream media.

Don’t get me wrong, I do stay updated with laws and policies due to our café and what needs to be adhered to….that’s right, what is a must. Not what all the Fear mongering is calling for.

So, here I am. I know the laws, I know what it is to keep a safe, a clean environment for my customers…And, I know about virus. After all, I am a Naturopath and Homeopath. So, I know how virus is transferred and what I must do or not do to be safe.

So, I go to the city today.

All the stores have put up plexi-glass and are running around spraying everything with toxins, (so good for the immune system) All the employees are wearing masks, most with no gloves, sweating like crazy, pulling their masks down to get a breath of fresh air, with their un-gloved hands, picking up the retail items, touching their face again, etc. Can you see the picture in your mind?

In other words…”IF” the virus is anywhere near them, they are surely going to help it along, and not keep themselves virus free in the mean time.


The point is: All the Fear Mongering and Media Hype, is just that. Fear Mongering and Media Hype.


I have new clients contact me every week with Co-V symptoms, whether they have been diagnosed or are just at home with the symptoms.

We talk about the symptoms and I make a few suggestions for Homeopathic remedies, vitamin supplements, Epsom Salt tubs, Sun, Fresh Air, Rest and Homemade Chicken Soup. All begin to get well within 24-36 hours, deal with the relapse each week for a week or two, have a bit of fatigue and are THANKFUL for homeopathy and a sane person to help them through the illness.

I’m sorry for sounding so negative. It’s just that EVERYONE who can read and write MUST be able to see all the Inconsistencies by now!

This is a virus. Origin unknown. But we do KNOW that is far less deadly than most of the Influenza’s that have plagued man for the past 100 yrs.


So, while discerning all the inconsistencies, one begins to ask, so what is the real agenda here?


Again, Theory after Theory. But with every Theory there is a shred of truth. For those of you who are in our Homeopathy for Mommies Members Corner; you’ve heard me tell “Sue’s Story”

The fight that I waged against Big Corporation and a popular Govt. agency….I knew my story was only one facet of everything else that was going on, but it is a fair chunk of the puzzle.

So, this brings us to the currant crisis that we are living in.

We have wonderful Men and Women who are dedicating their lives to fight the good fight of helping us keep what little bit of Freedom we have left.

They are making videos and writing blogs, running for office, Going up against huge conglomerate corporations and trying their best to get the word out…that we are the victims here!

The real agenda behind this façade of illness is more government control. Mandatory health laws, food shortages (have you heard about the farmers disposing of thousands of animals due to the fact that they can’t get them to market? That millions of gallons of milk is being dumped and yet the limit in the grocery store is 1 gallon?)

Human Nature is hard to over-come. Our nature loves complacency and comfort. So we must make a conscious effort to wake ourselves from the revelry of this semi-conscious state; And we had better wake up before it’s too late!  We’d better say, “I won’t police my neighbor, I won’t stay home from work, I won’t wear a mask for a virus that isn’t air born!”

I will buy milk, eggs, and meat from the nearest farmer! I will can and freeze what I have, in order to be more self sufficient. I don’t want to be at the mercy of gov’t agency.

I’m going to put a few links in here and I hope that you will share them and watch them with your family.

I remember well the 1984 United Nations Meeting that this gal discusses in the video. I remember thinking, “Why don’t those people fight to keep their rights?” Guess what…it is our turn. This is what’s happening in our country right now! We need to figure a way to get organized!

Or we too will be sitting in a country with mandatory v.a.c.c.i.n.a.t.i.o.n.s, no real currency, and imprisonment for saving seeds. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it wasn’t too many years ago that we laughed at the possibility of a seatbelt laws, or parents not having full parental rights over their children’s health or education. We laughed when they said that we were going to have to register our guns or that it would be illegal to sell raw milk! The list goes on and on folks.


We truly are on the verge of losing what freedoms we have left. I shudder at what we will leave our children, and all because we don’t want to embarrass ourselves or to make a fuss. We are willing to wear little masks and stand 6 feet from the line. We are willing to be yelled at and kicked out of a store for having a child in tow.


I for one am AWAKE! I See what is really going on and I don’t like it! This country is on the verge of a collapse like we haven’t seen in three generations. And the sad fact is, most of us don’t have the Farm Home to go home to when it all hits the fan!

Historically, the media is used to get people into a frenzy so that agendas can be pushed through without notice. If you study history. The real history, you will find that Governments have been overthrown, Genocide endorsed, wars started, and entire populations of people enslaved, encamped, or ostracized all with the use of the media.

We have several good men who want to help us…Del Bigtree, Robert Kennedy Jr., and Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai and more. All brilliant men, all dedicated. However, satan knows the best way to defeat, is to divide and conquer. So, the latest? The media is waging a particularly ridiculous, You Tube competition as to who we should be backing!

Human Nature, loves and desires a fearless leader. We may or may not get just one. We need to start raising our own voices and we need to begin in our own homes. Let’s try to stay calm. Be prudent. Work hard. And speak up when an inconsistency is placed in our path. With kindness point out to those around you that there is an untruth here. Ask outloud, “Exactly what is the issue at hand?


Please join with like-minded people to at least stop the current madness! We can worry about gaining back some of our rights, after we’ve stopped the current crisis!


Here are a few great video resources I encourage you to watch:

  • Oneness vs. The 1%: at the United Nations Office at Geneva


           *Note these videos keep getting removed, watch while you still can.



May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer ND, CCH



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