With Allergy Season coming up, I thought it might be a good idea to review just a little bit about this situation.

If you stop and think about what allergies really are, then this can help parents or care givers to make critical decisions ahead of time.

Allergies are any situation that causes the body to throw off abnormal symptoms.

Whether chronic or acute.

Acute allergic reactions can be anything from a simple swelling due to a bug bite or stings, to severe anaphylactic shock; it can be in the form of hives or other skin rash due to exposure of an element that the body perceives to be toxic; Allergies can cause the body to throw off symptoms like sneezing, running or mucus nasal issue, eye issues, coughing, itching, burning, swelling…the list goes on. Allergies can be caused from exposure in the air, from a plant, from the water, from food, or even from something like a new topical cream, etc.

What we all need to understand is that if the body has an allergic reaction to something, then this is a defense mechanism…the body’s immune system cannot cope with the element that it has been exposed to, so it throws off drastic symptoms.

There are many reasons the immune system may not be handling this situation. It can be anything… from something the immune system has never encountered before, and is having a drastic reaction to; to the immune system being in a compromised condition. It can be run down, or in the process of fighting something else. Regardless of the why, if we understand that it is an immune situation, we are less likely to suppress the symptom because we understand that to suppress will only further weaken or damage the immune system and if we continue to do this, we run the risk of eventually damaging the precious Adrenal glands.

So…don’t suppress!  Find a remedy that matches the symptoms of reaction.

You can listen to more about this situation in our Podcast for Allergy Help. And, if you have the Homeopathy for Mommies eBook, you can type in the symptoms and may easily be able to find a remedy that has these like symptoms to the allergy that you are trying to get a handle on.

For instance:

Apis  An awesome remedy for bug bites and stings. It is a great remedy for anaphylactic shock, as it quickly triggers the body to reduce watery swelling and edema situation. When this remedy is needed the skin can be red and have a shiny look, but there is always watery swelling.

Arsenicum–  Will quickly trigger the body to throw off symptoms due to exposure of some element the body perceives as poisonous. IF she has been poisoned or even if she “thinks” she has been poisoned. These can be symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea or other burning sensation due to exposure of toxins or what the body may perceive as a toxin.

Allium cepa.- Symptoms that are like those of an extreme onion of exposure…eyes burning and nose watering for allergies or even for cold symptoms. When symptoms tend to corrode the nose and upper lip, and the eyes can also burn but have bland discharge.

Anacardium This remedy is often used for poison ivy. Blister like eruptions. Skin is reddened at base of. Eyes and face may swell. Itching is aggravated by heat. Will often relieve when Rhus tox. fails. For Eczema and Psoriasis, there can be yellow vesicular weeping. Dermatitis. Skin inflammation in general.

Euphrasia Also known as Eyebright. Any eye situations that water, or burn. eyelids, red and swollen.  Burning Sore throat. Cough with easy expectoration (during the day…Sleeps well at night. But unlike Allium cepa, here the eyes are acrid and corrode, the nose is bland discharge)

ClematisThis remedy is excellent for corroding eruption and eczema as well. This remedy is famous when eruptions are not only external but can even effect the mucus membranes. The eruptions can be red, burning, corrosive.

Cistus Can.- This remedy can really help to strengthen the immune system. There can be visible signs for it’s use; callosities with cracks, diseases of the nails, hard, thick skin, oozing after scratching. Lupus, small painful pimples, poisoned wounds that spread and ulcerate. The glands can be affected. Very often the patient will act as though they are suffering intensely.

Nat. Mur. – (sodium chloride)- the sodium in our body can easily be knocked out of balance during times of stress, fatigue, or illness; this can lead to symptoms of puffy swelling. Often used successfully for Hay Fever, Runny nose, alternating with nasal dryness.,

Rhus tox A wonderful remedy for rash caused from things like Poison ivy or poison oak, for any itchy eruptions, shingles, and chicken pox as well. It should always be taken in low x potency when being used for a rash. And many take it in a higher c potency in the spring to help with poison ivy exposure in the spring and summer months.

There are many remedies that are wonderful for allergic reactions!

For Instance:  Petroleum, Kresotum; both excellent for Dry cracked skin especially at different times of year. Skin can appear dirty, rough, peeling; Psoriasis or eczema. Itching, sore, cracked, blistered.

Asarum for watering, burning eyes, plugged sensation, sensation as if the eyes would be pressed asunder. Accumulation of cold watery saliva in the mouth; vomiting with diarrhea, violent colic.

The list goes on to many more than I’ve listed here. But this is a really good list to begin with because these are very important remedies for acute allergic situations.

Beyond the Acute situation, there are also chronic allergic situations:

Chronic Allergic Reaction can be a symptom or group of symptoms that the person lives with all the time….or that chronically flare up at certain times of the year of periodically.

Chronic Allergies are not really the focus of this article, but needs to be addressed, because folks need to know that if your body is throwing off symptoms like eczema or other skin rashes, blepharitis, running nose, cracked, inflamed skin, sinusitis, etc., then your body is trying to tell you something. Don’t suppress these wonderful symptoms with drugs found in creams, inhalers, pills, etc. Make an appointment with a good homeopath to have a full case intake done. A good Homeopath can help you to get over chronic allergic issues so that your body can come back into balance. If someone was born with allergies, the homeopath can get to the bottom of this situation as well. Case taking will prove very efficient in this situation.

Allergies can be cured.


May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer


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