I have always had a special place in my heart for the Elderly. As a child growing up, both of my grandfathers had passed away. But I was Blessed to have both of my grandmothers in my life on a nearly daily basis. They either lived nearby or even in our home for a few months a year or during times of ill health.

I remember how they just seemed to “Fit” into our family dynamics. Like they were a natural part of our household. They had their own space and self-imposed tasks, yet there was always an air of their “Being Special” about their presence. I felt it was an honor to be around Grandma while she hung the laundry on the line, or weeded her flower bed, while explaining that when she was young, in the fancy Hotels, the salad would have a few of these Nasturtium petals scattered over the top. “Smell, she’d say. And they are sweet and delicate to the taste buds!”

I learned many lessons from both my grandmothers…because for some reason, when they spoke directly to you, you listened! It must be important if they are taking the time to give you, their attention.

I like to think that the natural esteem that we feel for our Matriarchs and Patriarchs, is a gift. Of course, it is nurtured by our loving parents, but it is a wonderful, wholesome gift.

And with each gift, we often find a sense of responsibility. So, to be able to help our loved-ones ease into their late years, can be our gift back to them.

The Dynamics of Caring for our Loved ones today, may look different that even a few years ago. Today, many elderly persons choose to live in communities with their peers, until such a time that they go into Assisted living or a Nursing home setting.

Where twenty or thirty years ago, it was common that many Elderly were content to stay on with family members in a family setting. Helping when possible, with the laundry, cooking or rearing of the children.

Regardless of the lifestyle that your Loved Ones are choosing, it is helpful to know how we can help them in times of transition.

Whether that transition brings an Emotional shock, due to a move from their life-long home, or the loss of a loved one.

The Transition could be from one of relatively good health, to sudden health issues.

They may suddenly communicate to you that; I just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep lately.


“Oh Dear, I have such a weak bladder these days!”

Or even

“I don’t remember my way to town!” This is a very frightful experience!

The list is endless when it comes to having an elderly person in our lives.

This Article will hopefully help you to see that we can help our Special Elders with their Acute Symptoms very Effectively with the use of Homeopathy!

When treating Acute symptoms in the elderly, it is just like helping any other family member.

When a complaint is brought up. We listen!

It is so important to encourage them to tell you more about what they have been noticing. (Not what the doctor tells them, but what they are experiencing).

Say, Grandma:

Tell me more about that: And write down what is said. Don’t rely on your memory!

What else have you noticed? Write down what is said…
then come back AFTER they have told you anything else that they may have been going through lately. And then ask that they “tell you” more about this symptom or that symptom (rubric). But just one thing at a time! Remember: Everything is important!

You will start to notice that they begin repeating themselves: like “Oh, Dear, it only happens when I try to lie down, or when I get nervous, or when I get tired!”

Or they will describe every ailment as “tight” or “sharp” or “a weakness”.

Then you can go a step further; ask, “Is there anything that helps you feel worse or better?”

If they have an opinion as to what definitely makes them “feel” better or worse, this is known as a “Modality”, a Modality, is a trait about a remedy that is always a truth about a remedy, and this can help us to determine between one or another remedy.

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