Whether your child goes to school or you homeschool in your home, “Back to School” is something everyone is doing this time of the year. And with kids going back to school, its time to start thinking about weather changing and winter illnesses … which means building immunity and getting your remedy collection ready. Here are five podcasts and a helpful blog for the “Back to School” season that might be good to review during this season!

#1 – Homeopathy and the Immune System

In this podcast I talk about a few basic steps to boost the Immune System during times of stress and exposure. Learn about a few homeopathic remedies and natural remedies that can be of aid to help maintain a good immune system all year long.  Click Here to listen!

#2 – Make Over Your Medicine Cabinet with Homeopathy

Now is a great time to makeover your medicine cabinet with some great remedies! In this podcast I share 15 homeopathic remedies that will treat common illnesses and injuries and a few helpful hints to help you get started using homeopathy rather than the conventional medicines that so many have been raised with in today’s modern world.  Click here to go to this podcast!

#3 – ADD, ADHD and Hyperactivity with Sue Meyer

During this time of year, attention issues seem to be a hot topic. Many parents say they had trouble figuring out whether their child had attention issues or was just being stubborn and tuning them out. In this podcast, I talk about Attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and share remedies and herbs that I recommend.  Listen now!

#4 – Back to School — KeepYour Family Healthy

Even for Homeschoolers, back to school means colds, flu, strep throat, homesickness and many other fun illnesses! Join me as I shares more ways to keep your family healthy and the remedies that are especially important to have on hand for the upcoming school year.  Listen here!

#5 – The Flu Duo

Yes, it’s time to start flu protocols in September! I shares my protocol for flu prevention that I starts this time of the year to prevent my family from getting the flu during the winter.  Click here to listen!

#6 – Homeopathy for Children Dealing with Emotions, Anxiety and Homesickness

There can be a lot of emotional stress when families gear up to go back to school, or to a new school. Grade school children, and kids going off to college will encounter many situations that call for different remedies.  Emotional Stress will be felt differently by different people and require a different remedy.  Find out more here!

I hope these five podcasts and blog post will help you feel prepared as you begin your new school year.


May God Bless You and Yours,