Argentum Nitricum (Silver Nitrate-metal) is an amazing little homeopathic remedy that is famous for antidoting Sugar Poisoning. It has even been known to cure persons of having an actual craving of sugar. (used in a 6x it has been said that this remedy with rid the body of sugar/choc. Cravings. [ alfalfa tonic is also very helpful]

I like to have this remedy on hand to use at Holidays! Parents can give this remedy in 30c potency before the festivities begin (especially if the child tends to binge on sweets) and then the remedy can be given again if needed like when symptoms develop from sugar toxicity.

There are various symptoms of sugar poisoning, depending on the person, there can be hypoglycemic attacks, with severe weakness, sweating or intense hunger. There can be a bursting headache and/or many digestive problems. There can be belching, and the adult or child can develop spluttering diarrhea or green stools, shredded stools, or stools that turn green after remaining in the diaper.

Argentum Nitricum has an affinity and suits well: persons who are: Extroverted and Cheerful. Open. Those who have; Many silly fears. Fear to be late. Anxiety for health. Anxiety preparing for a test, Anxiety when alone; and feel best when in company. Or those with impulses like; “To jump from a height. To stick a screwdriver in the outlet. Etc.

The need for this remedy can be brought on by Anticipation. Apprehension, Fear or Fright. Eating ice. Mental strain and worry. As well as by Excesses. Sugar.

This powerful and deep acting remedy, has an affinity for persons with a desire to achieve and shine, with a tendency toward damaging and deteriorated diseases of the tissues—arthritis, loss of voice, etc.

This remedy is amazing for those who CRAVE sugar, or who have eaten too much sugar! This remedy can and will antidote sugar poisoning.

Even a nursing mother can unwittingly cause illness in her child if she eats too many sweets. Argentum Nitricum can antidote these effects, if the she stops eating the sweets and gives this remedy!

God bless you and yours,

Sue Meyer

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Argentum Nitricum for Too Much Sugar! - with Sue Meyer of Homeopathy for Mommies

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