Out riding my bicycle on a very cool fall day, brought my mind back to a day so many years ago.

I must have been about twelve years old, out with my cousins, on what was then a beautiful fall day. We were having a grand time out riding our horses. We always used to explore the woods and fields while on our pretend adventures.

As we came upon our favorite tree fort, where we liked to tether the horses, I noticed a most beautiful bush! I had never noticed it before, which was odd, because we had been playing here all summer!

It was a small bush with dark orangish-red berries. They almost looked like baby pumpkins hanging!

Of course as farm kids, we knew to never eat any plants or berries that hadn’t been approved by a parent, but that plant, so striking and full of small berries was a wonder to my curious eyes.

Years later, in my study of homeopathy; I came upon the remedy Dulcamara. And I suddenly remembered my encounter with what I now knew was a Solanum Dulcamara bush!

So exciting to have this curious mystery settled!

Such is the wonder of the world around us!

If had eaten the berries from that beautiful plant. I would have ended up with a horrible tummy ache, possible chills and diarrhea!

Of course, that same plant; Diluted and made into a Homeopathic remedy…works wonders for anyone who has come down with a horrible tummy ache, possible chills or diarrhea! Anyone with a summer / fall cold, or cold like symptoms… runny nose, cough, croup, sore throat, diarrhea, etc.

This is the remedy of choice when hot days and cold nights have brought on a complaint!

When the body is hot during the day, and then becomes chilled with the cool night air! Even animals, sometimes have a bit of trouble acclimating to the change of weather in the fall.

This is a remedy for small calves born into a chilly situation and end up with what farmers call scours; a horrible form or diarrhea, often fatal if not controlled in time.

Any situation where there has been hot days and cold nights! Fall weather! Hot days, cold nights! Think of this wonderful little remedy.

Of course, we are familiar with Aconite and its grand work for those who have been “chilled” or “exposed” to the elements.

Dulcamara is much like the remedy, Aconite. However, Dulcamara, is more specific to the hot days and then the cool evenings!

I have found that in the early fall, there is hardly a cold or bout of diarrhea that is not helped by Dulcamara!


God bless you and yours,

By Sue Meyer ND CCH CST



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