In the recent past, I have had the privilege of visiting with several mid-wives. All of which have one thing in common; The use of natural herbs and teas to help nourish the expectant mother as well as to prepare her uterus for a strong healthy delivery of baby and placenta and a quick return to strength following the birth.

This ever so simple and long tradition of using these helpful herbs struck me with such a suffocating perplexity that I cannot describe my….what I would call anger.

After the birth of my own eleven children and having physician attended hospital births, I realized that I felt cheated. I could go through the complications of each of my births.…… So many stories. So much suffering for mother and babies, could have been avoided!

Had I known that there were options!

It’s hard to believe, that each of my complications could easily have been either lessened or alleviated entirely, had it been suggested to me to take these natural nourishing Teas!

The midwives use many herbs and suggest many teas. Usually they will have the mother drinking Red Raspberry Tea to strengthen the uterus as well as to nourish her entire reproductive system.

This long standing tradition of nourishing teas has raised much excitement to those of us just beginning to understand this awesome God-given natural world of nourishment!

It’s exciting to realize that we should all be reaping the benefits of these nutrition rich herbs. Women, men and children alike!

There are three loose leaf Teas that have risen to the surface of the social media train these days, and with good reason. These are teas that we can blend together for amazing health benefit results.

This recipe is easy to follow and make. And even though it is amazingly healthy, it is delicious and refreshing.

    1. Red-raspberry leaf
    2. Nettle Leaf
    3. Oat Straw


In the world of herbs, we always measure in “parts” rather than cups or ounces. So whatever unit used to scoop the loose leaf tea…that will be your “part.”

2 parts Red-raspberry leaf tea
2 parts Nettle leaf tea
1 part Oat straw tea

Mix thoroughly together, store in glass jar.

1-2 TBSP Trio Tea leaf mixture in cup

Pour 12-16 oz boiling water over tea mix. Let steep 10-20 minutes. Strain. You may add a touch of honey to sweeten. Enjoy!

Or: In quart jar; place 4-8 TBSP tea mix in jar, fill jar with boiling water, steep overnight. Strain and keep in refrigerator as an easy cold drink on demand. (Makes delicious ice-tea)

It is recommended that all family members alike, drink 1 to as many cups a day as we like!


The famous Red-raspberry leaf, makes the top of the list: known as a uterine tonic and for tonicity of the uterus, following the birth.
But this herb is also noted as beneficial to men as well. It nourishes and supports prostate health by toning the whole male reproductive system.
It has been used as a digestive aid, especially for children for diarrhea. It is gentle and is noted as a strengthener to gut lining.

It is also very nutritious due to the fact, that the leaves are extremely rich and high in vitamins C, E, A and B. Is rich in a range of minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.  Also trace minerals like, zinc, iron, chromium and manganese.

Second of this trio is: Nettle leaf. Has been used worldwide for centuries in a variety of countries and cultures. It has been eaten as a wild food plant, applied locally to the skin, and drunk as an herbal tea. I t supports healthy urinary function and has a mild diuretic action and helps to maintain upper respiratory health. This wonderful tea is rich in Phyto-nutrients that enrich the bodies serotonin levels helping to bring balance to the entire hormonal system.

 And the third of these teas is Oat straw:  often added to other infusions of teas, oat straw is an amazing detoxifying agent.
It is rich in calcium and Silica (the strength of the stalk is from silica) as well as zinc, A and B vitamins, iron and magnesium. Oats are also naturally high in protein and have gentle calming qualities. Oat straw is amazing for the nervous system.

This trio makes such a delicious and beneficial hot or cold tea. Do your family the favor of making and keeping this amazing drink on hand in your refrigerator as grab and go nutrition!  This month you can get all 3 of these great teas in our Nourishing Tea Bundle for 20% off with promo code Tea20, while supplies lasts!

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer ND, CCH, CST, SpBAP




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