I wanted to invite you to a special training series coming up inside the Members Corner with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan.  Dr. Dinesh is an amazing teacher and has provided the most influence on my own case taking than any other homeopath I have studied with over the years.   I had the joy of taking his trainings early in my days of learning to take cases and am honored that he has agreed to do a series of classes for those in my Members Corner starting on April 19th.

Dr. Dinesh will be teaching his homeopathic approach of Child-centric case taking and Remedy selection over a series of months inside the Members Corner with complete Case Illustrations to demonstrate all the steps in the case taking process for children.  The outline for these sessions include the following:

  • Introduction to Child-centric Holistic Homeopathic healing
  • VERBAL CHILD: Child-centric Case taking a module (child from 2-16)
  • NON-VERBAL CHILD: (below 2 and Special/uniquely able children)
  • IMAGINARY AGE: (up to seven-year)
  • THE TEENAGE Child-centric Case
  • ACUTE and Deep pathology in children Case witnessing in difficult conditions and situations

Dates of Sessions Scheduled:

April 19th, June 7th, July 26th, September 13th, November 8th, December 13th at 10 AM EST



There is a NEW SESSION SERIES option to purchase for those who don't want to commit to a Members Corner Membership – you can find it here: https://homeopathyformommies.com/childcasetaking


These training will become part of Sue's Members Corner Mini-Training library, so if you are a member you automatically get access to the LIVE and Recordings via the members corner website AND the private members podcast feed as part of your membership benefits.  We're so excited to have him come and teach us about case taking with children in the different stages of childhood. We hope you will join us for this series!

If you would like to become a member to have access to all of these Live Trainings, you can join here.


God bless you and yours,





The live webinar is over, but you can still watch the replay until the end of the month.

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