Learn about gentle yet powerful homeopathic remedies that can support and empower you in your journey from pregnancy, childbirth to beyond.

Join Sue Meyer ND CCH for this journey of motherhood from pregnancy to birth and beyond.   Sue shares helpful homeopathic remedies and other experiences that she has learned through her life as the mom of 11 children and 33 grandchildren (with more on the way!).  This course is for pregnant women and their partners, birth assistants, doulas, midwives and other health professionals to learn how to use homeopathic remedies throughout the birthing journey.

 This course includes:

Immediate Access to 6 video sessions (7 hours)
Audio Downloads of Each Training available
Detailed PDF Handouts for each session
Q&A form for submitting questions for followup sessions

Meet Sue Meyer

Sue Meyer ND  is a wife and homeschool mother of eleven children. She and her husband, Ron, currently have nineteen grandchildren, whom they dearly love and enjoy spending time with on a regular basis.  Sue spends most of her free time in the study of Homeopathy and Natural Medicine with her main focus being on Proper Nutrition, Essential Oils and Classical Homeopathy.   Sue is the host of the podcast Homeopathy For Mommies, which now has over 80 episodes.

Sue's enthusiasm is contagious. She is knowledgeable. She has lots of experience. She helps you have confidence that you too can do this.
Susan, Utah

Sue has an amazing way of making this complex and completely different form of medicine seem doable. Her book and podcasts have taught me so much in the last few months.  I greatly appreciate all the love and time Sue puts into helping other Moms be even better Moms!
Shawna, RI

Sue Meyer's teachings on homeopathy has been a blessing to my family's health and wellness. Her informative podcasts, blog, and courses reflect her years of experience and insight into natural healing with God-given remedies of homeopathy. I can't thank Sue enough for helping me on a path of tremendous success in resolving issues my family has experienced. Thank you for the education, encouragement, and empowerment you give to families to take health and healing into their own hands!
Maria, MN

 And There's More!  Enjoy These Exciting Bonuses:

Special Interview with Midwife Ruth Wingeier
Special Interview with Doula, Amanda Filla
Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Childbirth with Amanda Filla
Amazing Birth Stories from Special Speakers
Access to this Course as long as it is available online
Special Coupons for Kits and Supplements

Pricing for this Course is $210

(Valued at over $500)

Guest Speakers

Meet Ruth Wingeier CPM

Ruth Wingeier, Certified Professional Midwife from Long Prairie Midwives in Minnesota is a friend of Sue Meyer and a special guest on our course.  After becoming a CPM and then spending time at the farm in Tennessee with Ina May Gaskin, Ruth has practiced as midwife for 36 years and has over 1900 deliveries.  Join Ruth as she shares her experience as a midwife, the differences between home births and hospital births, and what you need to know about your birth practitioners.

Meet Amanda Filla

Amanda is the wife to her best friend and an oily mama of 8 children.  Amanda loves educating others about ways to make simple changes everyday to live a cleaner, healthier and more simple life. As a birth doula, she is passionate about pregnancy and birth and really loves when people are educated about their options in birth as well as how God created our amazing bodies to create and bring new life into this world.  Amanda was also recognized at the Young Living conference for her training expertise in Essential Oils.  In this course, Amanda shares her personal birth/motherhood story, teaches a training on essential oils for pregnancy and childbirth, and also gives an interview about her experiences as a doula.   Amanda is the host of the Simple Blessings and Oils podcast.

Meet Angela Pudwill

Angela Pudwell is Sue Meyer's 24 years old daughter, ​married to husband​, Keith, ​of 4 1/2 years​, and ​the proud and thankful ​mother to beautiful baby girl Quinn. ​Her career passion and current focus of study is ​massage therapy​ with an in-depth study of​ health nutrition and personal training.  “My husband and I fell in love in high school and ​were married in our early twenties. ​Our 4th anniversary gift from God Himself was that I gave birth to our first baby, a ​beautiful little ​girl, named Quinn Sabina (named after the Saint and homeopathic remedy, Sabina). Since I had such a trying time during my pregnancy, I’ve committed myself to learning more about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum care and nutrition.”  Angela shares her amazing birth story in the Bonus section of the course.

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