Sue Meyer, ND, CCH, CST has developed a 10-Class AUDIO Series based on her book, Homeopathy for Mommies, that gives you a “Crash Course” in learning how to use homeopathy to care for your family.

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by Sue Meyer, ND, CCH, CST, CEASE Therapist

“Sue's enthusiasm is contagious. She is knowledgeable. She has lots of experience. She helps you have confidence that you too can do this.”  – Susan, Utah

“Sue Meyer's teachings on homeopathy has been a blessing to my family's health and wellness. Her informative podcasts, blog, and courses reflect her years of experience and insight into natural healing with God-given remedies of homeopathy. I can't thank Sue enough for helping me on a path of tremendous success in resolving issues my family has experienced. Thank you for the education, encouragement, and empowerment you give to families to take health and healing into their own hands!”
– Maria, MN


Inside this Introductory Course, you will learn:

Class 1 - Homeopathic Basics

What is Homeopathy?  How Homeopathy is different than allopathic medicine.  Terms and Definitions related to Homeopathy.  How remedies are made.  Potencies. 

Class 2 - Record Keeping

Basic Homeopathic Directions and the Importance of record keeping.  Beginning of review of remedies, Aconite to Belladonna, 14 remedies covered in this class.

Class 3 - Remedy Reviews

Remedy Reviews continue with  Benzoicum acidum through to Hamamelis virginiana. 33 remedies covered in this class.

Class 4 - Remedy Reviews

Remedy Reviews continue with  Hecla lava through to Veratrum Album.  34 remedies covered in this class.

Class 5

Review of Tissue Cell Salts and Other Natural Options.

Class 6

Injury and Emergency First Aid Remedies to have on hand.

Class 7

Disease Symptoms, Suppression, Vaccinosis

Class 8 - Remedy Reviews

Mind and Behavior Anomalies and Susceptibilities

Class 9

Colds, Flu, and Other Respiratory Illnesses

Class 10 - BONUS!

What is Dis-Ease and Human Nature

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