EMF Protection Recommendations

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Q-Link products are programmed with an array of natural frequencies that resonate with the body's natural energy frequencies. The resulting resonant effect is similar to the healthy, energizing experiences we have in nature, in positive interactions with others, and while participating in self-balancing, restorative activities. And because it takes less effort and energy to maintain an object already functioning at more ideal “resonance frequencies”, the more often you wear or use Q-Link, the better it can work for you.


SRT™ has demonstrated its effectiveness in a wide range of experiments and research, including trials at U.C. Irvine, University of Vienna, and Imperial College London, all of which demonstrated significant effects on living systems. Learn more about select Q-Link science and peer reviewed, published studies. Even more significant and interesting perhaps are reports from thousands of satisfied Q-Link users over nearly 3 decades.


Research conducted on Q-Link has shown that wearing or using Q-Link products has been shown to improve the body's positive response in the presence of EMF and other environmental stressors.

SafeSleeve is a fantastic way to protect you and your family from radiation from your devices. From their website:

SafeSleeve was founded in California by two Engineering graduates with a desire to develop a solution and help to simplify, protect, and enhance the lives of their tech-dependent peers, family, and friends. This is apparent in the highly efficient and useful, yet stylish designs and branding of SafeSleeve products.

The Original SafeSleeve with Anti-Radiation Technology was developed as a stylish and convenient solution to a problem with increasing knowledge and awareness: EMR and its harmful effects on our health.

And so began the engineering of the original SafeSleeve for Laptop with the goal to provide its users safety, convenience, and style.

After launching SafeSleeve for Laptop in 2012 to massive demand, there were many requests from customers for protection for other personal electronics like cell phones and tablets. Subsequently, SafeSleeve released cases for both and has continued to expand their offering and improve their products since.


Swiss Harmony creates and develops products and services for the reduction or neutralization of Environmental pollutants.




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