Have you considered going to school to be a homeopath to learn to take cases? 

This study group series is for you!

A full Study of Homeopathy, from the quiet beginnings of Hahnemann, through the ages of its fulfillment to this date, with Great Homeopaths like:

Boericke, Clarke, Herring, Kent, Allen, and many others

moving into Rajan Sankaran's Sensation Method. 

“This class has been so exciting!  I'm learning so much and can't wait to learn more.  Thanks for being willing to share your knowledge with us Sue!  I've used remedies for years and read books but have never really learned these basics.”

Watch a segment from Class 2: 

James Tyler Kent's Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy:

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Class 1 Replay – Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine

Class 2 – Lectures on Homoepathic Philosophy with James Tyler Kent

Class 3 – Understanding Keynote and Remedy Study 

Class 4:  A Review of Minerals in the Sensation Method and continued remedy list study

Class 5: Understanding Kingdoms and their languages in the Sensation Method and continued remedy list study with sensation method language.

Study Group Class 7:  Understanding Rubrics – Bringing It All Together

Class 8:  The Homeopathic Interview and review of additional resources

Class 9:   Homeopathic Interview Case Example Review

Class 10:  Reviewing the Sankaran 8 Box System and the 7 Levels Chart for Dosing and Q&A (4 hour class)

Class 11:  Reviewing the Two Audio Cases Assigned for Homework and Q&A

Class 12:   Review of Miasms, Sensation Method, and Q&A from Students

Class 13:  Bowel Nosodes

New Mentor's Series Classes

Mineral Remedies 4-Part Series with Doug Brown CCH,FNP

In this forthcoming series of classes on Remedies from the World of the Elements, one of Sue's mentors, Dr. Douglas Brown CCH, RSHom (NA) will share his love for the way in which the Periodic Table of the Elements gives us a meaningful framework for understanding the ways in which our mineral remedies relate to the evolution of the human psyche and to each other.  After these classes you will no longer see remedies as random collections of symptoms, but as pieces of a puzzle which has coherence, logic, and structure.



The Periodic Table as a Reflection of the Human Psyche.

The First and Second Rows: Existence and Embodiment.


Elements of the 3rd Row:

The development of Individual Identity and Acceptance of Self.



Elements of the 4th Row:

Work, Task, and Security




Heavy Elements: From Creativity to Destruction.

The Columns as Stages in the Cycle of Life.

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