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Homeopathy, Beyond Acute Care

Expanded upon her first book, Homeopathy for Mommies, this book is a more advanced book for Mothers and Caregivers to learn about homeopathy beyond acute care.

This book includes over a hundred more homeopathic remedies and has labeled with kingdom and miasm designations and a more advanced description of how each remedy is categorized in the ever-advancing world of homeopathy.

This new book from Sue Meyer includes:

Advanced Descriptions on over 200 remedies

An overview of common tissue/cell salts, Imponderables, Sarcodes, and Nosodes

Glossary of illnesses, symptoms and remedies for each category (44 categories)

Remedy Kingdom / Miasm Advanced Sections for Understanding of Remedy Choice

Advanced Terminology and Helpful Remedy Table of Contents

The book is 749 full-color total pages and spiral bound for easy use

Kind Words from Readers …

I love the way this book is bound — sturdy spiral binding to hold a whopping 749 pages! It was shipped so carefully wrapped and arrived in perfect condition. This is a beautiful book with color illustrations as well as color used to delineate section heads which helps me wrap my head around the bounteous information.

The first 19 pages are an introduction and include information about Sue, how she began using homeopathy, and a quick start guide. Then she gives us basic homeopathic usage information, dilution of a remedy, epidemic and flu, using homeopathy in animals, and useful terminology. Next is the Remedy Table of Contents, which is just wonderful! This section is 10 pages long, listing the remedies and some common uses of each remedy. 202 remedies are explained, plus Imponderables, Sarcodes, and Nosodes, comprising pages 43 to 493. The information included for each remedy is laid out so well — one can easily find the pertinent information due to the bolded sections which include “suits well,” “for acute or chronic,” “allergies,” “bladder/kidney/urinary” and other body parts, “fears,” “mind/behavior,” “sensation as if,” “worse,” “better,” and other topics as needed. I just want to sit and read this book cover to cover.

After the remedies section comes Natural Health Extras with much helpful information we all need. Then there are 206 pages of Glossary of Illness, Symptoms, & Remedies. Some of the sections covered here are: “Abdomen/Stomach Colic/Nausea/Vomiting and Complaints Thereof,” “Remedies Helpful in Morning Sickness of Pregnancy,” “Allergies/Hay Fever,” and many other topics of maladies that affect most of us at some point.

The remainder of the book includes sections on “Further Understanding the Remedy Choice,” “Remedy Kingdom/Miasm List,” “Kingdoms” including plant, mineral, and animal, and “Miasms.”

This book is a work of love, and you can feel it as you read it, just as you can feel the love in Sue's podcasts and videos. Receiving this book was an early Christmas present for me! I intend to buy the ebook to put on my phone, too.

~Rose Carson

Rarely does one come across a homeopathy book that covers such a wide spectrum of remedies and diseases while maintaining true to homeopathic philosophy and classical practices. I absolutely love your approach to the rubrics and the structure of the book is superlatively effective. Once I opened the book for the first time I had a very difficult time putting it down. I applaud your teaching methods and your passion to publish a book that can find a wide array of audience expertise levels in the field homeopathy. God Bless you and I highly recommend this treasure trove to anyone who is a novice, interested in pursuing a career in homeopathy, or has a practice in it.

~Elie Diab, P. Eng.


I got Sue's new book and I love it. It is organized very well and it helps me not only find the remedies quickly but the sections on the remedy kingdoms and miasms bring homeopathy to a new level for me. I am rather new to homeopathy, as I have only been studying on my own for about 3 years. But this book is pretty to understand and is a great reference for me. Sue didn't scrimp on the color print and that makes certain words just jump off a page and it is easier to notice but remember for me.

~Jennifer Kapur


I absolutely love the latest book by Sue Meyer, “Homeopathy – Beyond Acute Care.” It truly is a great guide to help you learn beyond basic homeopathy. My favorite part, contains 202 remedies, each with several photographs or illustrations to help you learn the key notes of the remedies. Also, the main key notes are in red to help you learn them. There are also some brief explanations of Imponderables, Sarcodes and Nosodes. Another large section in the book is the Glossary of Illness and
Symptoms. In it, you can look up the symptoms all in one location and compare the remedies that best match your illness, to help you choose the best remedy for you. Lastly, in the back there is section where all the remedies are listed and color coded according to which Kingdom/Miasm it belongs. And it also contains further explanation. I highly recommend this book! I have learned so much already!

~Suzanne Sumner


Meet the Author

Sue Meyer

ND, CCH, CST, CEASE Therapist

Sue Meyer ND, CCH, CST is a wife and homeschool mother of eleven. She spends most of her free time in the study of Natural Medicine with her main focus being on proper nutrition, essential oils and Classical Homeopathy.

Sue is a Certified Classical Homeopath through the Council of Homeopathic Certification and is certified in CEASE Therapy.  Sue is most known for her book “Homeopathy for Mommies” and has a podcast with over 100 episodes and over a half a million downloads to date.

“I've seen such a profound eagerness in those wanting to learn about homeopathy and natural medicine that I was convinced that this important work must continue, as well as become more advanced.  It's my hope that this new book will be a valuable tool for all – from the shelf of your humble home to the desk of even the most astute homeopathic or naturopathic office.”



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