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Learn about gentle yet powerful homeopathic remedies that can support and empower you in your journey to balanced hormonal health.


Sue Meyer shares helpful homeopathic remedies and other experiences that she has learned through her life as the mom of 11 children and 41 grandchildren.  This course is for pregnant women and their partners, birth assistants, doulas, midwives and other health professionals to learn how to use homeopathic remedies throughout the birthing journey.

A full Study of Homeopathy, from the quiet beginnings of Hahnemann, through the ages of it’s fulfillment to this date, with Great Homeopaths like: Boericke, Clarke, Herring, Kent, Allen, and many others – moving into Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation Method.

Sue Meyer, ND, CCH, CST has developed a 10-Class AUDIO Series based on her book, Homeopathy for Mommies, that gives you a “Crash Course” in learning how to use homeopathy to care for your family.

This course has been designed to help take the mystery out of the subject of vaccination versus immunization as Sue tries to answer the many questions that most parents have on the subject.  This course is more than just about Homeoprophylaxis, Sue Meyer also discusses each disease that parents are asked to give vaccinations for as well as the majority of worlds diseases and how to immunize for them or how to treat them in case someone contracts the disease.

NEW!  Learn an overview of the 5 main Child Constitutions – or the most dominant child types of babies when they're born. In this course, Sue Meyer categorized the five main types of child constitutions and then subcategorized remedies underneath each child constitution.  Includes 6 audio training sessions and extensive printables to go with each.

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It is the predisposition that every man is born with. The Great Itch, that Hahnemann wrote about. The “Itch” that so plagues man…often comes out in the form of eczema, psoriasis, rash, etc.    This training includes two audios, one by Sue Meyer with homeopathic remedies for Eczema and also a second audio on essential oils for eczema healing. It also includes a printable handout with remedies listed.

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A Mini-training on all the remedies in the Color and Sound Remedies Kit.  Each remedy represents one of the Colors from the Rainbow Spectrum or Sounds from the Note Scale.  Sue frequently refer to them as her happy remedies! 

Do you want the benefits of an essential oil massage without the antidoting effects of the menthol essential oils?  Sue teaches her Essential Oil massage technique that combines unique, targeted massage and energy approaches with pure essential oil choices that give a deeply rejuvenating and relaxing experience that won’t antidote any homeopathic remedies you want to use with your family.  

A Mini-Training on remedies for MRSA.

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A Mini-training on homeopathic remedies for Candida.

Learn to use a Otoscope at home to determine ear symptoms!  Sue Meyer brings a special guest (with great pictures) to help train participants on how to use an Otoscope and she shares some helpful homeopathic remedies. 

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