Jacksonville, FL

4-Day Craniosacral Seminar

Wednesday, February 21 – Saturday, February 24, 2024

Join Sue Meyer, of Homeopathy for Mommies, for an in-depth 4-day seminar on Craniosacral Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida. This is an in-depth seminar where Sue will teach you about Craniosacral Therapy. How to recognize when craniosacral is needed; basic cranial and sacral anatomy, and basic Neuro-cranial and Visceral-cranial technique. Sue teaches what every parent and caregiver should know about craniosacral and its benefits and how to apply it in their own home. This also includes Hands on Craniosacral demonstration with a brief introduction to Myofascial Unwinding.  Don't miss this amazing opportunity! Seating is limited!


Sue Meyer ND CCH, Author of Homeopathy for Mommies, is available to travel and teach seminars on Homeopathy in your area. In an effort to reach as many people as possible and help others truly understand Homeopathy, she is available, with advanced notice, to travel to any area in the U.S.

You can do your part by bringing Sue to your area to introduce your friends and relatives, to the wonderful world of Homeopathy and Natural Alternative Health Care.  She now also offers a 3-Day Retreat so you can submerse yourself into Homeopathy with Sue.

Below is a list of classes that Sue enjoys teaching on a regular basis.

Intro to Homeopathy:  A 3-hour seminar on the basics of Homeopathy.  What is Homeopathy?  How does it work? And how can it help my family?  Sue also discusses potency and dosing.

Crash Course to Homeopathy:  An in-depth 8-hour Seminar that includes a hard-cover copy of Sue's Homeopathy for Mommies Book (first edition).  This seminar includes Acute illness, Basic Homeopathic First Aid and Injury, and focuses on the remedies in the Homeopathy for Mommies book.  It also includes information on a few basic herbs and a bit on Essential Oils with the dos and don'ts of using them in conjunction with Homeopathy.  You are encouraged to take the Intro to Homeopathy prior to this class.

Mini-Courses Plus –  Must have 2 or more classes total, which can include 2 mini-courses or 1 or more of the mini-courses combined with another class.

Pets and Farm Animals – 4 hours

  1. Cell Salts – 4 hours
  2. Color & Sound – 4 hours

Topic Request – Host has the option of requesting the subject matter for an 8 hour seminar, per approval from Sue.

Condensed Birthing Course

–Intro to Craniosacral and Muscle Response Testing

— 3-Day Homeopathy Retreat – These retreats are personal time with Sue as well as with other like-minded people, spending time learning, sharing stories and experiences.  This time allows you to submerse yourself into the world of natural health and Homeopathy.  This is knowledge that you take home with you for a lifetime.  Includes, handouts, flyers or other information so that you can continue your study at home.   This is a 20 hour course.  Days, times and costs will vary depending upon location.

Advanced Homeopathy 3-Day retreat

Crash Course & Mini Course Retreat

The Hostess will always earn gifts, which vary from one of our kits valued at $149.00 to our Top selling kits valued at $499.99. Depending on the Seminar or Seminars booked. We offer even more incentives! Email us at: info@homeopathyformommies.com for more details. *Depending on location, there is a minimum attendance requirement. Seminar costs also vary; according to one, two or three-day format and attendance.


 *If Seminar is located outside of Minnesota, Sue prefers to have a 2 or 3 day seminar.


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