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2 oz Liquid

Homeopathic Medicine UK
3-5 drops; directly into mouth is 1 dose:

Directions for use: Set a date 21 days out from desired date to quit smoking. Then, Take 1 – 2 doses daily while continuing to smoke during that time; Then, on day 21 stop smoking; but continue to take 1 dose as needed when/if experiencing a craving.

Succuss between doses./ do not use mint/camphor May assist in reducing any addictive behavior from smoking.

It is beneficial to smoke only organic tobacco for a minimum of 6 weeks before starting this protocol.

Contains:nicotinum 6x; lobelia carinalis 6x; endorphis 6x, 30x; coffea tosta 6x, 30x, 100x; tabacum 12, 16x, 24x, 100x; saccharum off. 16x, 50x.

20% alcohol
* Stop taking immediately if any adverse reaction occurs.

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