Child Constitutions - PULSATILLA

by Sue Meyer ND CCH | Members Corner

PULSATILLA children are very typical. There are two main types.  One is the very small, fine type, with a fine skin, fine hair, unstable circulation, liable to flush up from any emotion very often going pale afterwards; definitely shy, sensitive; always affectionate very easy to handle, and always very responsive.  The other PULSATILLA type, is much fatter with definitely more colour, usually rather darker hair, a little more sluggish in reaction, a little more tendency to weep than to be bright and gay as the smaller, finer type, craving for attention without much response to it, always asking for a little more.  Both types are their temperature reaction, all PULSATILLA children are sensitive to heat, they flag in hot weather loose their liveliness, lose their sparkle and energy.

Enjoy the audio above and printable below: